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Brevard Homeschool, an active group of homeschooling parents in Brevard County, Florida, offers friendship; support and encouragement; field trips; and book club ordering. We welcome ALL homeschoolers in Brevard County, regardless of religious or other affiliation. Membership is FREE. To find out more about our current activities, join our group.
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Have you been thinking of Home Education?

You CAN do it! You don't need a big bankroll, higher education, or a teaching certificate! What you DO need is a dedication to your children's education and the willingness to learn alongside them. You can homeschool from pre-K to college. On this site you will find all you need to know to get started homeschooling.

Why Homeschool?

  • Academics -- Homeschooling offers the opportunity for your student to progress at the speed he needs as an individual. Whether faster or slower, the pace is what is best for your child's learning!
  • Free time -- Actual academic study even in the most rigorous homeschooling environment may be completed in HALF the time taken in a classroom school day. Free time may be used for pursuing hobbies, sports, drama, family time, reading, playing, or volunteer work.
  • Joy of learning -- Homeschooling opens a door to a world of opportunity for your child! Because there are not prescribed requirements of study, she can research any topic till her interest is satiated. Your student will rediscover the joy and interest that she showed in the toddler years.
  • Faith -- You may include your faith in all aspects of teaching.
  • Family focus -- Homeschoolers spend more time together as a family, forming close bonds that last a lifetime. Vacations may occur during off-season when others are required to be in classrooms. Your schedule is YOUR schedule, flexible with your needs.
  • Cost savings -- With homeschooling, there are no uniforms, lists of "back to school" materials to purchase for the use of "all" students, or required activities. Peer pressure is dramatically reduced and the "latest" expensive fashions are no longer important.

Homeschooling will do amazing things for your entire family!
The resources to get you started are right here on BrevardHomeschool.net!

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