For Christian Homeschoolers

Christians were some of the earliest pioneers in the homeschooling movement. Yet, only a small percentage of Christian families homeschool today. As a Christian homeschooling parent, you will deepen your knowledge and enrich your relationship with the Lord as you teach your children. You will be truly amazed at the blessings that will come to your family through homeschooling.

This page is intended to provide supportive resources for Christian families to homeschool their own children and also to share the benefits of homeschooling with other families whose children are in classroom situations. The information here is intended as "food for thought," not the only way to homeschool. You know what is best for your family!

Finding Support

The most outstanding support on the web is found at Here you will find over a thousand FREE pages of useful information and discussion boards for many topics.

Locally, Christian support organizations are generally divided into Catholic groups, non-denominational Protestant groups, or groups associated with a particular church. See the Support Group page for a listing.

One of the best ways to find homeschoolers with whom you have common interests is to look in your church's congregation. If you are the only homeschoolers, do not feel out of place! Try to lead others to homeschooling by the example of your family's love for one another and others. If you feel called to spread the word about homeschooling, the pocket-sized book Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling has incredible statistics to show benefits and handle almost any objection. The movie, Mysterious Ways, the story of a fictional family's journey to homeschooling, offers inspiration and encouragement to Christian families who are beginning to feel the call to homeschool.

Choosing Curricula

All Christian programs are not alike! Unless you know with certainty that the publishing company or curricula provider supports your theology, you should carefully preview the material before using it with your children. When looking on the publisher's or provider's website, look for the statement of faith to see if it agrees with yours. Here are a few providers that support a particular theology.

Rod and Staff Publishers, no website, 606-522-4348 (Mennonite) Available on-line from Anabaptist Bookstore
Pathway Publishers, no website (Amish) Available on-line from Anabaptist Bookstore
Christian Light Publications (Mennonite)
Kolbe Academy (Catholic)
Our Lady of the Rosary School (Catholic)
Seton Home Study School (Catholic)
Mother of Divine Grace School (Catholic)
Covenant Home Curriculum (Reformed Presbyterian)
Christian Liberty Press (Reformed/Calvinist)
Veritas Press (Reformed/Calvinist)
Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum (Baptist)
A Beka Book (Baptist)

Undetermined Theology

These providers may offer a balance approach with explanations of various similarities and differences among Christian groups, or they may support a particular theology without saying directly what it is. Research these, and decide for yourself.
Sonlight Curriculum
Bob Jones University Press
Alpha Omega
The Weaver Curriculum
Horizons Curriculum

If a curricula talks about "Christian Worldview," it generally is written from a Reformed/Calvinist perspective.

Christian Book Distributors offers a HUGE selection of curricula, living books, and other learning materials that have been carefully considered for appropriateness for Christian families.

Researching Theology

If you are wondering what might be the differences among various theologies, here are some great sites to help.
Creeds of Christendom
A terrific book to teach yourself and your children differences among churches is Handbook of Denominations, edited by Frank S. Mead, Samuel S. Hill, and Craig D. Atwood. This volume gives concise details about specific beliefs and practices of many denominations.

Bible Study for Children

For young children, the most effective Bible study is to read a Bible storybook every night. An excellent one with beautiful pictures is the Golden Children's Bible. As the children get older, have them dictate the story back as you write it down. Then have the child copy the story into a sketch book and illustrate it. Your young student is now the proud author of his own Bible storybook! In the process of doing this, he has truly internalized the story and its lesson.

For older children, the best Bible study is the Bible itself. Expensive curricula really are not necessary. Sitting as a family, reading and discussing a chapter or verse shows your children, by example, the wisdom, lessons, and truth of the Word. An outstanding resource for Bible study is available on Bible Gateway. Here you will find a topical Bible and many translations, including foreign languages, along with the Bible on audio. Additionally, you can sign up to receive daily emails of Bible readings and devotionals.


Christian families who homeschool are in a position to teach their children science from a Biblical perspective. Parents may introduce evolution in the format they choose at the time they choose (IF they choose!)

If you have not yet come to a conclusion in your own mind, you may want to discuss the Old Earth versus Young Earth views with your spouse so that you may teach your children as you see fit. Here are some resources for each.

Old Earth

Reasons to Believe
Answers in Creation

Young Earth

The Young Earth Creation Club
Answers in Genesis

Extra Blessings from Homeschooling

Homeschooling leaves your family free time during the day to pursue many mission-type activities. Local nursing homes LOVE to have children visit and talk to the residents. If your children have a talent such as playing an instrument, singing, dancing, or puppeteering, the residents will be thrilled to see them perform. Give the activities director at a nearby nursing home a call to set up a time. Other excellent ideas to serve the community include ringing bells for the Salvation Army during the holiday season, doing yard work or baking cookies for elderly neighbors, delivering hand-made Valentine's day or Easter cards to shut-in neighbors, and shelving books at the public library. The sky is the limit for how you can help others! Your children and you will be blessed in ways you cannot imagine by doing things like this!

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