School Woes Solution

Is School Getting Your Family Down?
Frustrated with the System?

Are your children stressed out and having frequent illnesses because they are worried about how they will do on the FCAT? Are you sick of the focus on the FCAT instead of real learning? Are you worried about the budget cuts in our school system -- fewer teachers, more students per class, less equipment available, and fewer sports programs?

Homeschooling is the answer. You CAN homeschool even if you work full time. You CAN homeschool as a single parent. Your children will find a wealth of social opportunities that are POSITIVE, where they are influenced by children whose parents are as concerned as you are for the well-being of their families. Sports, classes, field trips, clubs, and activities are all available for homeschooled students in Brevard County!

Your children can learn at their own pace and can study material that means something in real life! They can learn common sense and life skills from practical experience, and best of all, there is no FCAT! Yes, homeschooled students are not required to do the FCAT (or any standardized testing if they don't care to), so your kids can get out of the stress and "teaching to the test."

Homeschooling will help your family in ways you can only imagine! You will be master of your own schedule - taking vacations when you want to, spending your evenings doing something other than homework, having weekends free to do whatever you like. You will get to know each other and become closer. The benefits are absolutely amazing!

Start your exploration of the subject on Brevard Homeschool. Find articles and extensive information on's beginner page. (This is a Christian site, but offers outstanding information for ANY family considering homeschooling.) For advice and information on local activities in Brevard County, FL, please join our Yahoogroups email discussion group.