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Abiding by the Laws

As a home educator, you have the responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with state laws. Check the Florida state statutes on homeschooling here. To homeschool in Florida, you must either be registered with the county or with an "umbrella" school. There are pros and cons to either option.

Registered with County Umbrella School
Able to participate in public school sports and activities. Privacy -- Your child is a private school student in the eyes of the state.
Different set of rules (easier) for Bright Futures Scholarship  
Higher priority in Florida Virtual School enrollment.
No charge to register with the county.
Little privacy -- You must report your child's progress to the government school system. Lowest priority to Florida Virtual School.
  Cost (though some are very inexpensive)
More rigorous requirements for Bright Futures

Registering with the County

If you choose to register with the county, you must register within thirty days of pulling your child out of public or private school or within thirty days of his or her required start date in school according to the compulsory age of six. You do this by sending a letter to the county school board. Click here for a sample "letter of intent" for Brevard County. After receiving your "letter of intent," the county will send you a confirmation letter. Keep it in a safe place for later reference! This letter serves as proof that your child is meeting the compulsory education laws.

You must maintain a "portfolio" of your child's work and a list of educational materials used. A portfolio can be as simple as a couple pages of work from each of the student's subjects. The list of materials should include all books that the child reads in addition to any texts, educational videos, or audio programs used. Click here for a materials form.

On the one year anniversary of registering with the county, your annual educational evaluation is due. You may choose to provide the county with one of the following:

  1. A letter stating that a licensed, certified, Florida teacher has reviewed the portfolio and had a discussion with the student, and that the child has made progress commensurate with his ability. This letter must be signed by the teacher and show his or her valid license number.
  2. Results of a nationally-normed achievement test (like the CAT, Iowa Basic Skills, SAT, or ACT) administered by a certified teacher. (Any state license will do for this one.)
  3. A state assessment (the FCAT) administered by personnel of the school district. (You may have to pay for this service.) Please note that this is NOT recommended!
  4. Evaluation by a psychologist or school psychologist.

The most popular option is number one. There are many homeschool-friendly, certified teachers available for this service, which usually costs about $25 per student. You may ask for the names of these teachers on the Brevard Homeschool discussion list.

Another option is to administer a standardized test yourself and find a certified teacher who will sign off on the results. To do this, try one of the testing services below. The test will arrive within a week of when you order it. You then can administer it when it is convenient. You return all materials to the testing company, and they will send you a report of results with number correct and wrong per category, plus the percentile the score falls in. Here are two testing services that homeschool families use:

Protecting Your Family

Many families feel they would like protection in case the legal authorities should come knocking on the door. While this is an infrequent issue in the state of Florida, concerns have come up with details in the home education law. Members of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association may call upon this organization to help any time. HSLDA supports homeschoolers in the United States and advocates making homeschooling legal in other countries. For more information about HSLDA or to join, please click on the banner below.

Protect your family! Join HSLDA today!

Umbrella Schools

You do not need to send a letter to the county if you enroll in an umbrella school, also known as 600 school, a nonprofit, private school registered with the state of Florida. Umbrella schools keep a transcript for your child, and as far as the state is concerned, your child is enrolled in private school rather than being homeschooled. Umbrella schools may require you to sign a statement of faith, meet certain standards, take certain courses, or attend mandatory events. You may also have to provide vaccine records (or an exemption form), attendance records, standardized test results, and report cards. Check carefully into the requirements and costs of each to see which will meet your family's needs. Here are a few of the many umbrella schools around Florida.

Allendale Academy
Contact Pat Carter at 727-531-2481 or Email

Atrium School
Contact Elise LaTorre, MS-Director at 561-496-3044 or Email

Brevard Christian Home Educators, Inc.

Florida Learning Academy Private School, Inc.
Email the Academy

The Florida Family Learning Academy
Email Kathy

Heritage Christian Homeschoolers Support Group & Co-op
Email Sherri
373-4005 (1-4PM M, Th, F)

New Covenant Christian School
Email NCCS

Sancta Familia Academy, Inc.
Sancta Familia Academy is a private school offering a classical and Catholic curriculum, run by a board of directors comprised of parents and professionals concerned with the proper education of our Catholic youth and faithful to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.
We operate in the state of Florida as a non-profit organization incorporated in 2001. We are a 501 (c)(3) corporation and your donations are tax deductible. SFA is listed in the Florida Department of Education's Private School Directory, member of NAPC*IS, and is modeled after Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY.
We offer a typical 5 day a week program, a part-time attendance cottage school program, co-op classes and an ISP (independent study program) for home educated students in grades pre-k through 12th.
Email SFA

York Christian Academy
Email Valerie Hons here, or here.

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