Virtual Schools

Florida offers two tuition-free virtual schools for grades K through 12. While the parent is actively involved in teaching his/her student at home, these are not truly homeschooling programs. The child is enrolled in public school and as such, has to take the FCAT and meet other government-mandated requirements. The parent must attend certain events, have semimonthly conference calls, and must also provide work samples on a monthly basis. The child must progress at the pace set by the program. So, while the curriculum is free, the family loses much of the freedom cherished by homeschoolers.

Usually, only kindergartners and students who have been enrolled in the public school during the past school year are eligible to become new students in the virtual schools. Returning students have priority, and in the past siblings of returning students also received priority, but this is subject to budget availability. Check carefully before committing to these programs.

The programs currently available are listed below. Click on the name to visit the company's website.

Florida Virtual Academy
Connections Academy

Both of the virtual academies use internet connections to deliver part of their lessons and to track grades and progress. Both schools also offer supplemental classes including cooking, genealogy, patriotism, and more. At the high school level advanced placement courses are available.

Florida Virtual Academy is supported by K12, the company founded by Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education. The lesson plan that K12 follows is based upon the Core Knowledge sequence that may be found in E.D. Hirsch's books, available in the public library system. The K12 curricula may be purchased by subject or grade by families who like the curricula but do not want supervision by the state. It can be pricey, but many specials are available, especially during the winter for the following school year.

Connections Academy has Calvert School's curricula as its base with additional material from other vendors. Connections Academy does not offer its program outside of the public virtual school environment. s

Florida Virtual School

Middle school and high school homeschooled students may enroll for one class or many at Florida Virtual School. This is a public school offered free of charge by the state of Florida to all Florida residents. Classes include advanced placement courses and a variety of unusual topics such as Chinese, Latin, Guitar, Global Studies, and Marine Science. Please see the High School Page on for more information on virtual high school possibilities.

On-Line Schools

Many private on-line schools are available. You purchase curriculum and teach your student at home without government oversight. The school will be happy to provide grading and consultation services if you would prefer those. Of course, there is a cost involved, but it is still a fraction of private school! Buying your own curriculum gives you leeway to remove material that may not agree with your family's values or beliefs. See the Choosing Curricula Page to explore your options.