Choosing A Curriculum

You don't need to spend a bundle to home educate your child. You can do it with a few texts and a library card! If you are organized, you can lay out your own plan for your kindergarten to eighth grade students using a math text, a grammar text, and library books for science, history, art, reading, and foreign language!

To get an idea of grade level expectations, click here for the Brevard County requirements.

For reviews of hundreds of individual products and books, see this review page. For books about how to choose a curriculum, see Brevard Homeschool's Amazon store.

Most beginning homeschoolers are not confident enough to make up their own curricula. If you are in that situation, don't worry!!! There are many "boxed" programs that have all the materials you need in one package. Some vendors even offer teaching assistance, grading service, and on-line consultation. Here are a few schools to check into:

Switched-On Schoolhouse (Christian) - Computer-based curriculum

Atrium School (secular), 561-496-3044

Calvert School (secular) 888-487-4652

KONOS (Christian), 972-924-2712

Oak Meadow (secular), 802-387-2021

Robinson Self-teaching Curriculum (Christian)

School of Tomorrow (Christian)

Sonlight (Christian), 303-730-6292

Kolbe Academy (Catholic)

Our Lady of the Rosary School (Catholic)

Seton Home Study School (Catholic)

Mother of Divine Grace School (Catholic)

K12 (secular)

Keystone National High School (secular)

Schola Tutorials

FREE curricula on line:

Ambleside Online (Charlotte Mason Method)
Classical Homeschooling