Homeschooling Methods

There are many, many ways to homeschool, and most families find themselves in an "eclectic" category, combining many different methods. Read up on the methods and see what will work best for your family!

Charlotte Mason

Named after a nineteenth century British educator, the Charlotte Mason method involves gentle, but rigorous, studies including nature walks, narration, foreign language, and hands-on activities. "Living books," or books that bring a subject to life, are another important aspect to a Charlotte Mason education.

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Classical or the Trivium

Classical enthusiasts seek to revive educational methods of the past through a rigorous study of Latin, logic, and rhetoric. "Great books" are a big part of this curriculum, and the goal of the educated student is to be able to express one's self eloquently and with wisdom. The Founding Fathers were educated using the classical method.

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Unit Studies

With unit studies, the family uses a guide, or makes an original study, on a particular topic and covers the disciplines of language arts, art, history, music, and more. For example, the family might study the ocean by identifying shells (science), making sand art (art), writing about a sea creature (language arts), and studying treasure ships that sank off the coast (history.)


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This is a highly relaxed method of homeschooling in which the family learns while they do. Parents surround the children with opportunities to learn, and the child is allowed to pursue whatever interests them. One local family, for example, does extensive gardening, raises worms, and allows the children to help in the father's business.

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